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Eric Dever News: Shredded, Sliced and Covered Up, May  6, 2014 - Karin Lipson for the New York Times

Shredded, Sliced and Covered Up

May 6, 2014 - Karin Lipson for the New York Times

Ordinarily, as she will tell you, Janet Goleas, the curator of the exhibition “Redacted” at the Islip Art Museum, is not much of a political animal.

But around the time WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, burst into the news a few years ago, “I started thinking of government documents, and eventually of redacted documents,” Ms. Goleas said recently. “It seemed I started seeing them everywhere,” as stories about classified material kept cropping up.

An artist and blogger as well as a curator, she began pondering the many meanings and functions of concealment and redaction, which by one perhaps antiquated definition simply means adapting or editing for publication....

Another artist, Eric Dever, of Water Mill, is showing a series of eight paintings whose color he has limited to variations on red, white and black — in effect, editing out all other colors in his exercise in artistic redaction.

Eric Dever News: Eric Dever at Islip Art Museum, April  1, 2014

Eric Dever at Islip Art Museum

April 1, 2014

Islip Art Museum is pleased to present REDACTED, a group exhibition curated by Janet Goleas, featuring selected paintings, drawings, sculpture, collage and assemblage by artists Josh Blackwell, Sharon Butler, Jonathan Callan, Eric Dever, Stacy Fisher, Brian Gaman, Jim Lee, Lauren Luloff, Stefana McClure, Linda Miller, Bonnie Rychlak, Mathias Schmeid, Tim Spelios, Ryan Steadman, Ryan Wallace, Ross Watts and Letha Wilson.