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News: Art Southampton 2015 | Our Favourite Works, July 10, 2015 - Aaron Price for Ultra Vie

Art Southampton 2015 | Our Favourite Works

July 10, 2015 - Aaron Price for Ultra Vie

Now ready for it’s fourth season, Art Southampton has already cemented its status as the premier contemporary and modern art fair in the Hamptons. It offers the highest quality of 20th and 21st century masters as well as noteworthy emerging artists. Art Miami LLC has repositioned the fair this year to the world-renowned pastoral grounds of Nova’s Ark Project in Bridgehampton. With the VIP preview taking place yesterday, the fair is set to get into full swing this weekend, to launch an extensive program of art events happening in the Hamptons this month. The elegant VIP Private Preview will benefit the Parrish Art Museum and Southampton Hospital. The 2015 edition will also incorporate design and the decorative arts. We’ve taken the time to select some of our favourite works on display at the fair.

KwangHo Shin attempts to capture the complex relationship between the expression of emotion and the experience of the mind in his paintings. The artist has roots in abstract expressionism in his work. He employs intense and vibrant oils juxtaposed with charcoal to distort the facial features of his subjects and confront them psychologically. The artist is on display with the exciting UNIX gallery, who are based in New York.

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The photographs of Tom Leighton engage with the Urban Landscape. He digitally alters the photographs and tries to deconstruct and tries to retranslate the cities that we live in. Through this he creates fictional landscapes that allow him to ignore the constraints of possibility and logic. However, as much as he pulls apart the image and reconstructs them, he aims to create a believable world. Cynthia Corbett Gallery represent the artist at Art Southampton.
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Thierry Guetta, internationally known as Mr. Brainwash, followed and documented street artists on film beginning in 1999. This ultimately led to him filming the most famous street artist, Banksy. Through the encouragement of Banksy himself, Guetta began creating his own street art and his first solo show as Mr. Brainwash was in 2008. His artistic evolution is documented in the Banksy directed and Oscar nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop. He is known for his pop-art and street style feel, often fusing historical figures with current cultural iconography. Contessa Gallery represent the artist at the fair.

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Charlotte Filbert – Harmony, 2012

The artist’s paintings are colourful mosaic-like windows through which one can faintly read ‘God we need you’. Her brushstrokes create woven-like markings that fit together to create a playful modern interpretation of an icon. The paintings are meant to provide inspiration and connect the viewer with a spiritual world. Industry Gallery represent the artist at Art Southampton 2015.
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The artist Sam Francis is most often associated with American Abstract Expressionism. The artist did however spend a great deal of time in Paris and became linked with the parallel movement of Art Informel in Europe. Francis’ most iconic works are characterised by the saturated splashes of colour. The artist’s work is often concerned with the relationships of space and colour. Hollis Taggart Galleries represent the artist at Art Southampton 2015.

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Bradley Hart – Girl with a Beach Ball, 2014

The artist’s work is an album of memories made by injecting bubble wrap with paint to created pixelated photorealistic pictures. These pictures are copies of both snap shots of important people captured by the artist, or powerful images obtained from other sources. To create these bubble wrap pieces, the artist injects each bubble individually with acrylic paint. The artist is acutely aware of the exchange between the paint and the air inside the bubble. This amazing artwork is presented by Anna Zorina Gallery at Art Southampton 2015.
More information about Anna Zorina Gallery

The artist was born in Korea in 1967. The artist graduated from Inchon University in South Korea but has lived and worked in Paris since 1992. The artist has been featured in a number of solo exhibitions throughout Europe and in South Korea.  They have also been represented internationally in group exhibitions and art fairs. This interesting work from the artist features acrylic paint on tempered glass. The artist is represented by JanKossen Contemporary at Art Southampton 2015.
More information about JanKossen Contemporary

For more than 30 years the artist has been exploring the infinite tonal nuances of colour. He is also concerned with its interaction with light in his abstract paintings, prints, drawings, assemblages and mixed media works. His paintings are often considered to resemble the work of Mark Rothko in their spare and subtle nature. His works range from jewel-like to large-scale, minimalist and monochromatic to gestural and multihued. Lawrence Fine Art represents the artist at Art Southampton.
More information about Lawrence Fine Art

The artist was born in Puente de Génave, Jaén, Spain, 1967. He graduated from the University of Granada with a Degree in Fine Arts. Since then he has been featured in a huge number of solo exhibitions across Europe and internationally. This includes Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Holland, Italy, Mexico and Canada. This work by the artist is created using acrylic on canvas to create these alluring portraits. Dillon Gallery represent the artist at the fair.
More information about Dillon Gallery

The artist’s work is reminiscent of the taxidermy animals that you would expect to encounter at a natural history museum or the trophy on a hunter’s wall. Timmermans meticulously constructs wild animals from thousands of air rifle BB pellets. The artist grew up in Ohio and graduated from the University of Kentucky. Her body of work has gained phenomenal success and is being nationally collected. Her deer was the featured design for the SOFA 2012 t-shirt. The artist is on display at Art Southampton with Jean Albano Gallery.
More information about Jean Albano Gallery

The renowned songwriter for Elton John is also known for his visual art. Bernie Taupin considers himself a storyteller first and foremost and views art as a visual extension of his song lyrics. His work can be seen as an abstract expressionist style that incorporates elements of pop art. His work has been noted to synthesize the styles and ideologies of Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. His works use house paint, oil paint, wood stains and spray paint. The work is displayed as part of a fantastic solo show from Mark Borghi Fine Art at the art fair.
More information about Mark Borghi Fine Art

The artist was a leading abstract painter during his lifetime. He drew from a range of Modernist sources to produce colourful, luminous compositions that featured giant dots, whirling loops and grids. Originally trained in classical, figurative painting, Christensen later sought to transcend stylistic restrictions. He also experimented with a range of different tools and ways of applying paint throughout his career. In highly acclaimed early work he used spray guns to paint over square and looping pieces of tape, and then removed the tape to create swirls and grids of colour with shimmering surface effects. Berry Campbell Gallery represent the artist at Art Southampton.
More information about Berry Campbell Gallery

The artist makes intricate collages that evoke thoughts of dreams, myth and fairytales from the viewer. Her work is often populated with female figures. She creates these using torn bits of Japanese paper, paint, sequins and other materials. Her compositions also feature animals, flowers and mythical beings set within heavily patterned surroundings. Although her scenes often appear to be otherworldly, the artist has stated she draws from her own thoughts and experiences. Praxis displays the artist in their showing at Art Southampton.

More information about Praxis

Art Southampton 2015 is now open to the public and will run throughout the weekend. It kicks off a huge program of art events taking place in the Hamptons this month. This includes Market Art + Design, which evolves from the former Art Market Hamptons fair. You can find more information about Art Southampton on their website here.

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