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News: International Sculpture Day: Philip Pavia, April 27, 2020 - Berry Campbell

International Sculpture Day: Philip Pavia

April 27, 2020 - Berry Campbell

Philip Pavia (1911-2005), the pioneering first-generation son of an Italian stone carver, "turned rocks into art." The Times of London called Pavia "arguably more of an original than some of his better-known contemporaries." He was rare among his peers for sculpting abstract and figurative art, and he took full advantage of a lengthy 74-year career to develop his reach. Although he started his career as a draftsman and watercolorist, Pavia ultimately made his mark with a body of work that spanned all-abstract bronzes, black-and-white abstractions in Carrara marble and, just prior to his death in 2005, at aged 94, a dozen monumental terracotta heads.

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