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News: Spotlight on: Martha Campbell, October 25, 2017 - Arternal

Spotlight on: Martha Campbell

October 25, 2017 - Arternal

Welcome to our first Spotlight post. We will be conducting a series of interviews with art world leaders who inspire us, by going beyond the white walls to get their thoughts on everything from the future of the art market, to their go-to neighborhood eateries.

First up is Martha Campbell, an art world veteran who began her career at The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., and then worked for several years in the gallery world at Spanierman Modern in New York City before founding her own gallery with Christine Berry.

Along with her co-owner, Martha runs Berry Campbell Gallery in Chelsea, NY. The gallery has a growing roster of prominent artists who work in the modernist tradition, including artists’ estates.

Name: Martha Campbell 
Instagram - @martha2984 
Twitter - @BerryCampbell7

Company: Berry Campbell Gallery, Chelsea NY

What neighborhood you hail from: Hell’s Kitchen

Go to source for art world news: Definitely Baer Faxt.

Describe your relationship with technology in 140 characters or less: It is an intense and all-consuming relationship.

Favorite non-art related hobby: Reading (My favorite genre is memoirs). 

Go-to spot in the neighborhood: Bottino (Chelsea)

Future of the art market in one sentence: Because there is so much information readily available, the art market is becoming less exclusive and drawing in a wider, more diverse audience.

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